10 Tips You Must Know before You Visit a Casino

Times have definitely changed in the casino industry, with some otherwise very interesting casino rules of times gone by having had a due overhaul. As far as casino dress codes go for instance, there generally used to be a very strict set of rules everyone had to adhere to when walking onto the casino floor with the intention of trying their luck. There were naturally some minor differences and nuanced adaptations to the required dress codes in different casinos around the world, but generally casinos required that you dressed up in full formal wear or you could “push the limits” a bit with some smart-casual dress.

The days when a jacket for men and a long evening dress for women were mandatory are since long gone, but such dress code requirements are still strictly enforced in very few best real money casinos around the world today, some of which are exclusive (or would like us to believe they’re exclusive). There has generally been a shift away from what you must wear when visiting a casino to a contemporary casino dress code that nowemphasises what NOT to wear. So here’s what you’re generally NOT allowed to wear at a casino:

1. Hats and caps aren’t allowed, unless if they’re consistent with obvious medical requirements.

2. Vests and tank tops, although this applies mostly to men. Ladies can generally wear sleeveless clothing if it’s a one-piece garment like a flowing evening dress.

3. Swimwear or anything that you’d wear for a day out in the sun, by the beach.

4. Disguises like face paint, masks or obvious wigs.

5. Work-wear and work uniform that is clearly distinguishable.

6. Torn and ripped clothing that just looks untidy or is visibly and excessively damaged, unless it forms an obvious part of the original design.

7. Active sports attire like anything that you’d wear specifically for going to the gym, sports ground, etc.

8. Offensive or derogatory messages and slogans printed on t-shirts or other items of clothing.

9. Offensive body art like tattoos clearly demonstrating hate-speech. Offensive tattoos must be covered up.

10. Any clothing deemed to be untidy, dirty or unhygienic, or not falling within the specific dress code of the casino you’re visiting.

If of course you still fancy your chances of winning something, but you don’t quite want to adhere to archaic casino dress codes, you could very well get the full casino experience in your underwear if you please. Live casino rooms have developed so rapidly in the features they offer that you can play online casino games and get the full casino experience, minus the suspicious looks of the floor staff or security personnel of course.

Ordinarily though, casinos are generally not too strict about their dress code so just relax and enjoy a good night out of some harmless gambling if you’re up for it. Dress codes are really only just to ensure gamers don’t get up to some mischief, like concealing cards in their sleeves or recording proceedings to gain an unfair advantage, or doing anything else that affects the casino experience of their other guests.

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