Can Bingo Games be Addictive?

Bingo games have been growing more and more in popularity, no longer being seen as a game just for old people. This growth in popularity has no doubt been helped by its migration from pen and paper, to online gambling software. With Bingo’s continuous growth one can’t help but ask, can you get addicted to Bingo?

It’s no secret that gambling can be addictive, there are too many stories of people going to Las Vegas and coming home broke, or spending one too many weekends at the horse track. But is Barbados Bingo different from other sorts of gambling?

When it comes down to it Bingo is just another sort of gambling, and gambling addiction is already a problem around the world. A study found that two to five percent of Americans suffer gambling addiction, another study in the UK found that 1 in 10 Bingo players are at risk of developing an addiction.

Gambling addiction isn’t about the sort of game you’re playing, you can get addicted to slots just as much as you can get addicted to roulette.  

The fact that Bingo has migrated online has only made the problem worse. All you need is a credit card and a working internet access to start gambling away. This ease of access makes it easy to get hooked on Bingo and play for hours on end, potentially depleting your savings.

Being addicted to Bingo manifests similar symptoms to being addicted to any other type of gambling, symptoms like 

1.    An increased Tolerance

You need to play more of the game to get the same level of enjoyment as you used to at first.

2.    Escapism

You play more of the game to escape some negative things that might have happened in your life.

3.    Constantly Preoccupied with thoughts of the Game

When you aren’t playing the game you’re thinking of the game, and pining after the chance to play it some more

4.    Withdrawal Symptoms

You may feel physical or psychological symptoms when you try to stop playing the game, symptoms like restlessness or insomnia. Making you want to go back and play the game some more

5.    It Disrupts your life

It prevents you from doing other necessary activities and negatively preoccupies your time, it might affect your work, school or time with your family.

These symptoms should not be ignored and can manifest itself when one is at risk of getting addicted to anything, not just Bingo. Clearly, Bingo can be addictive, thus, to avoid finding your bank account empty and your life ruined, it’s best to keep this in mind when gambling

·         Set limits and only bet what you can afford

·         Don’t chase your losses, if it’s gone it’s gone

·         Don’t bet if you feel like you’re losing control or you’re angry

·         Don’t put betting before your friends and family

·         Remember to talk to someone if you think you might be developing symptoms of addiction

In conclusion, Bingo is just about as addictive as any other sort of gambling, keep that in mind as you gamble online or in real life, and bet responsibly.

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