Debunking Online Casino Myths

Many new players have been drawn to some of the biggest online casinos like those found at Wish casinos particularly over the past year, and numbers continue to increase – but with a huge number of newcomers comes the rise of myths surrounding the services much like at traditional casino locations too. But which are some of the bigger myths, and is there any truth to them?

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Online casinos aren’t as fair as offline counterparts – Perhaps the biggest myth to come is that online casinos aren’t as fair –with the game’s reliance on things like RNG software to power them it can often seem like things may not be working out in your favour but that’s often just part and parcel with gambling as a whole. Some of the concern around fairness likely comes from early adopters when sites were still establishing themselves and some may not have been as trustworthy, but with big regulation change over the years and reliance on the commissions, online casinos often times can provide more fairness in certain titles as the RNG software operates in player favour, and just as fair as offline services for the games of chance that have no skill attached.

Online services don’t pay out to the winners – Unsurprisingly, other big myths have risen around those who have won big jackpots, with some suggesting that players who have recently received a big win may be unable to withdraw their huge pay out – this is another myth that often grows from those who have used more unreliable services, but for the biggest and most well-known it would be a huge detriment to not pay-out the winners. This is particularly true given the changing regulation and how close of attention the gambling commissions pay to online services particularly following this growth, so is yet another myth from a bad experience of just a few players.

Online casinos are more addictive – There has been a lot of research done into whether or not online services are more addictive than offline ones, and all of the research has suggested that it isn’t true. Much of the reason for the growth of the myth comes simply as the online sites are much more accessible and can lead to players jumping in game more often than they may otherwise would have and has been the main reason for growth in most cases.

There are a huge number of other myths associated with online and offline services alike with these just being a few of them, and many more will certainly grow and take their place over time too –many of them have a crossover from already existing rumours and myths from offline services, however, so can largely be ignored for what they are.

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