How to Win Roulette Every Spin

Roulette is an entirely based on chance, yet some strategies can help increase your success at the table more consistently.

The optimal strategy for each player will depend on their risk aversion and preferences, as well as an understanding of each bet’s odds and payouts before placing their bet.

Betting options

When playing roulette, there is an array of betting options available to you – these include outside and inside bets as well as specialty bets.

Outside bets are less risky but offer smaller returns, and are best for players looking to cover large portions of the wheel while still turning a profit.

High/Low Bets provide another low-risk wager option in European roulette, covering either 1-18 or 19-36 numbers on the wheel and with payout rates as high as 2.70%, making them one of the least risky bets to consider.

Make special call bets like French bets in European roulette and Jeu Zero in American roulette to increase the size and probability of your table coverage and your odds of success. These special bets offer another way of increasing odds.


Roulette is a game of chance and there is no surefire strategy to win every spin, yet players should still understand certain regulations to play it correctly and avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money.

Players should always stick within their bank roll limits. By doing so, they won’t risk their money too quickly or end up chasing losses.

Second, players should understand all their betting options available and devise an effective winning strategy tailored to themselves.

Thirdly, they should learn about the odds associated with various bets. Usually outside bets provide greater payout than inside ones.

Players must also keep in mind the house edge, which stands at 2.7% on all bets regardless of type.


Roulette may be a game of chance, but there are certain strategies you can employ to increase your odds of victory and decrease house edge. Being aware of these variations will allow you to maximize bankroll while decreasing house edge.

Variations in wheel and table layout is a significant influencer of roulette odds. Furthermore, various variants offer different rules and payouts, which further impact outcomes.

So it is essential that you familiarize yourself with all your betting options prior to placing any bet. That way, you can find a game with the lowest house advantage for your needs.

There are also variations that offer additional features and bonuses, like Double Ball Roulette and Triple Bonus Spin Roulette games – both are enjoyable ways to spend an enjoyable gaming session!

Call bets can also increase your odds of success by covering large portions of the wheel with one bet that has an increased chance of winning.


Roulette is a game of chance, but there are betting strategies designed to increase your odds of victory more often – such as Martingale and D’Alembert systems as well as those based around Fibonacci sequence.

The Martingale betting system involves starting with a low base bet of $1. If you win, increase it by an amount determined by chance; if not, decrease it back down to its original amount.

A popular roulette strategy, the D’Alembert system employs a similar principle to that used by Martingale but differs in that you do not double your bet when losing; rather, your bet decreases by one unit each time it happens.

The James Bond betting system is another effective roulette strategy that relies on doubling your bet each time you win, creating large wins in short order but requiring significant risking of funds.

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