The best sports bettors of all time

Many sports betting enthusiasts have been able to turn sports betting into a profession and many of them have an incredible story behind their success. Here is a list of the best sports bettors of all time.

  1. Matthew Benham and Tony Bloom 

Matthew and Tony were both bettors who used to bet together until they went their separate ways. Tony was incredible at determining the probabilities at the poker tables whereas, Matthew was a genius at analytical data science and sabermetrics. Together, an expert data scientist and intuitive sports bettor were the perfect duo. 

Both Matthew and Tony went on to make big names for themselves. Tony is the owner of a Football Club called Brighton and head man at StarLizard which is a successful betting syndicate and betting consultancy based in the UK. Matthew owns Brentford FC of the English Premier League as well as SmartOdds betting syndicate. 

  1. Billy Walters

Billy Walters was not only a professional gambler but an American entrepreneur and philanthropist too. Billy started gambling at the mind-blowing age of 9 years old. In 1981 Billy became a professional sports bettor. Billy started using computer analysis to analyse sports outcomes which became a huge success. He then started using runners to place bets for him on sports in order to save his reputation. Billy won millions through sports betting because he was able to determine the outcome with the help of computer analysis. 

  1. Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec also known as ‘The Joker’ was both a mathematician and one of the world’s biggest professional gamblers. After years of success within the sports betting industry, Zeljko founded a huge sports betting syndicate called, Bank Roll. Zeljko turns over $1 billion yearly and has been known to send a betting exchange bankrupt. 

  1. James Holzhauer

James Holzhauer is mainly known for his mind-blowing 32-game winning streak on Jeopardy where he won over $2.4 million. James used his basic sports betting principles including probabilities and expected value to help him play Jeopardy which resulted in incredible winnings. 

  1. Jonas Gjelstad

Jonas Gjelstad is both a very successful sports bettor and poker player, having profited nearly $1 million in the space of just one year for value betting. Jonas’s sports betting career began when he was just four years old. Jonas said, “I hardly knew what I was doing, but I was allowed to bet £2.50 on Saturdays. Jonas used to win between $100-$400. Later on, Jonas and his friend Martin founded Trademate Sports which eventually became a huge success. 


Many of you are probably baffled at the stories of these sports bettors, some starting at the stifling age of 4 years old. Casinos like are a great place to start your gambling journey and hopefully make this list too. It is certainly never too late to start! 

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