Exploring VR Poker – The Current Reality Vs Future Predictions

Today, online poker is played and enjoyed on a variety of devices, all around the world, every hour of every day. It, and the online casino industry’s phenomenal success, have taken just the past two decades to go from obscure online games to being played by hundreds of millions. Now, with VR and “the metaverse” being hot topics in the tech world, many believe everything is about to change once again, and in a big way.

A Metaverse Of Opportunity

With some so certain of virtual reality (VR) and “the metaverse” becoming the world’s next big technological leap, that they are willing to wager their company’s success on it, there has been understandable interest in the topic of late.

If all goes as planned, and technology, business, and society, all develop as hoped for its investors, it’s a bet that will likely have a greater payoff then many can even imagine. If successful, it really is going to change the world, and in perhaps the most spectacular way human beings have ever experienced. For online poker and casinos, the potential is mind-boggling.

However, as it currently sits, things are not quite there yet. There still remain a few hurdles. Though how large and insurmountable they prove to be, time will soon tell.

The Pros & Cons Of Current VR

Though many of the ingredients for the metaverse are already in place, and even showing a positive initial response, one of the most important factors and ingredients of all, though, is VR. Without VR, and AR, augmented reality, the metaverse will simply be what we already have. For example, social media, online shopping, and casinos and games that allow you to use an online casino welcome bonus.

In terms of online poker, the pros and cons of current VR generally mirror the hurdles still facing the online industry and the metaverse at large.

The Pros

  • VR can offer a far more immersive and enjoyable online poker experience than any other, save for playing at an actual land-based casino.
  • VR can merge popular new online poker variants, such as live dealer poker, with the other established formats and variants.
  • VR may very likely soon offer the same great convenience and mobility as other smart technology, such as phones and smart watches.
  • Technology is moving rapidly, online infrastructure is in place, and the transition is already happening as you read this.

The Cons

  • VR headsets are still generally too expensive and niche, and are not mobile enough for the average consumer.
  • Though impressive, and arguably better than simply playing online, VR poker games have a way to go before they can simulate a truly “real” casino environment and poker game.
  • Better internet, and access to VR tech, is not yet available all over the world.

So Is It The Future? Right now, though most experts are fairly certain that VR and the metaverse will come to fruition at some point in the near future, what they are unsure of though, is exactly when. Fortunately, we likely won’t have to wait very long to wait before we know for sure.

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